Vape Juices Are Not A Mystery! Here’s What Really Goes Into Making Them

Vape Juices

For years e-juices have been the center of heated debates, many claiming they include ingredients unfit for human consumption.

Suffice to say there is no truth in that.

Just started vaping? Have questions?

With the help of leading online vape store, Vapoholic, this articles sheds light on all that you need to know about vape juices so that you don’t fall for the misconceptions that go around.

What Is The Role Of E-Juice?

Vape juice or e-liquids take on the role of tobacco in standard cigarettes, without the combustion.

The juice is stored in a small tank and passed through the atomizer to create a cloud of vapours intended to mimic the sensation of smoking.

The e-liquid is perhaps the most important component of your e-juice; it determines the throat hit, nicotine concentration, and the flavour.

What Goes Into Making E-Liquids?

While tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of different ingredients, many of which are scientifically proven to be carcinogenic in nature, e-liquids merely consist of a few ingredients, including:

  • PG (Propylene Glycol)
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerine)
  • A combination of PG and VG
  • Food grade flavouring
  • Nicotine

Propylene Glycol

PG has a relatively thin consistency and is easily absorbed in the polyfill fabric within the cartomizer.

The lighter density of the liquid means it creates no slimy deposits. PG is tasteless and doesn’t interfere with the overall taste of the e-juice. Also, the higher the concentration of PG, the more throat hit you get.

Vegetable Glycerine

VG is thicker in consistency and has a slightly sweet flavour. The sweetness helps balance out the overall flavours in e-liquids, giving a smoother sensation. While PG may give you a dry mouth, VG does the opposite. The smooth flavour also means a softer throat hit.

Vapers looking for a smoother overall vaping experience prefer VG or PG.

The VG And PG Debate

VG And PG DebateWhile there have been many claims about both the ingredients, sadly most of them are backed by poor scientific research. PG and VG are both present in many food items we use on a daily basis, making them fit for human consumption.

If you are wondering if you should go for an e-liquid that is higher in PG or VG combination, know that it all comes down to personal preferences.

Typically, smokers who have recently made the switch go for e-liquids that have a higher PG concentration, making up for the strong throat hit they used to get from cigarettes.

On the other hand, vapers who vape often throughout the day prefer higher VG for a relatively smoother feel.

Now that you know what really goes into making e-liquids, educate others around you. Always prefer buying high quality vape juices and you are all set! Check out some of the best e liquid brands at the best online vape store UK, Vapoholic today.

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